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What does a good physical therapy session look like?

Physical therapy above all is about education. There is soooooo much to learn, explore, be curious about, and observe in our human bodies. Physical therapists have extensive education in anatomy, physiology, exercise science, health and medicine that informs all of their decisions regarding the treatment of a client's symptoms. I personally absorb as much knowledge as I can from the world of wellness, reading about the latest fitness trends, nutritional advice, medical advances, surgical techniques, and I practice my craft of exercise every chance I get. A good session to me means that you leave feeling as though you got to know yourself a whole lot better: what hurts and why; with an understanding of what exactly causes you to feel the way you feel and how you can remedy it, in your very own home in your very own unique way. The human body is like a snowflake, so what works for someone else will likely not work for you. A quick google search and you tube video cannot give you what you need. I aim to teach you exactly what works for you, so that on any given day you can exercise safely and move about your day correctly, and have some go-to stretches or exercises to set you straight. I want you to appreciate the good and not-as-good in your body, with equal acceptance of the imperfections as much as the strengths and assets you possess. Our one body that we are given should not be a source of stress, lost sleep, worry, or self-hatred. Our one body is a source of wonder, celebration, and movement, and a PT can help unlock that for you.

Come explore with me by booking a session ~ stop putting it off! ~ wellness is a journey and starts with one step!!

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