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Show of hands, who likes winter?!?!

Winter can be a tough time for many. Less daylight, harsh temperatures, dry indoor air, a collective feeling of melancholy for many. But, unless we pack up and become a snowbird, we are stuck with it. Should we fight it, or can we embrace it!?!

Isn't everything about perspective anyways??

Can we learn to welcome the darkness, welcome the cold, and face the day? I will be the first to agree that stepping outside from a warm building into the winter air is bracing and provocative. But can it be invigorating? rejuvenating? energizing? of course it can be!

I take my first few steps outside tense and rigid. But then I realize although it is cold, the chill on my face feels like a rush of caffeine. The sky is clear (sometimes!) and the bare trees reveal the birds in their branches. There are hawks perched high on treetops, and squirrels fittering about. I walk briskly to warm my body, my feel fall into rhythm, my dog is happy, and I know I am fine. As humans we are built for the cold. Our bodies miraculously maintain a steady 98 degree temperature. Our muscles know how to move in the cold, our blood knows how to flow.

We return to the shelter of our house and wrap ourselves once again in warmth. And, in a few months time, spring returns and the robins reappear, and we once again turn ourselves to the sun.

As a private practice PT, I strive to help people remain active in all seasons of the year and in all seasons of life. Curling up and reading is one thing, but oftentimes we need to move. If anything is hindering our bodies innate desire for movement, it is worth turning to a professional who can remove the barriers. It is my privilege to have the education and the experience to be able to aid others in their quests for longevity, good health, and the freedom of motion.

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