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Welcome to being well, LLC.

I am Becky Kollmorgen, and I have been a Physical Therapist for over 25 years, a fitness instructor for over 15 years, and a Yoga instructor for five. I have worked in all kinds of rehabilitative settings and taught all types of classes, and finally struck out on my own to deliver highly specific care in a private, serene setting away from ringing phones, waiting rooms, and without the intrusion of insurance companies dictating how to provide those services. Trust, communication, and mutual respect between a client and a therapist is the basis for all high-quality care, and a healer’s willingness to meet a client where they are in their journey, their schedule, and their season of life.


I believe in the holistic approach to health, and believe that self-awareness and knowledge of our own bodies is a crucial first step in wellness. Not only exercising but noticing the nuances of our bodies while we exercise is a key to overcoming or preventing injury. I like to know what brings my clients joy and what brings them pain. I like to empower them to manage their own health, rather than becoming reliant on the healthcare system to make them better. We all have the ability to heal, and to be well, but sometimes need a little nudge in that direction. I aim to be that nudge!


Please reach out with inquiries via email, and contemplate how and when you are ready to begin to be well. Peruse the gallery of photos to get an idea of who I am and where we will be working together.

Sessions are typically one hour, at no predetermined frequency and with no minimum or maximum limits.

Initial sessions are $90, with subsequent visits $75. Financial concerns can always be discussed as I would never turn someone away for the inability to pay.

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